Spider Glass Block

Spider Glass Block

Halloween Decorations can be fun and cost effective. This glass block project is great way to bring a little "creepy" into your home.


Start with an empty glass block. Any size will do, but the square was just the right size.

Find them at your hobby store instead of a hardware store. They hobby store blocks have one side open so they don't have to be drilled to work with lights. Great time saver!!

A string of orange Christmas lights serves double duty as Halloween lights!

The fake spiderweb. Find at the hobby store. This web came with a few spiders and we added a couple of our own for that luxurious plastic spider feel.

Distribute the lights into the glass block. Stretch the spider web around the block. Apply spiders. Keep an eye on making them look as realistic as possible to creep out your arachnophobia friends.

Use in the bathroom as a nightlight.

Down in the den create shivers in your friends and family.

Is your hair standing up? Perfect!!