Opaque LED Bulbs Video

Opaque LED Bulbs Video


These are C9 LED opaque bulbs. We created these and are carrying these lights as a response to customers who want LED lights with a retro or vintage feel.

You'll see if we compare them to a traditional glass bowl, that they are about the same size. They're just a little larger.

Now, the quality of the light is a little different, but because the pigment on these bulbs runs all the way through the plastic casing, you're going to see about as even a distribution of color as is humanly possible.

These lights, you can see they work in your standard E17 cords, your traditional Christmas light cords, and if you take one out all the others stay lit.

These are a great solution for our customers who wanna take advantage of LED technology, but really want to evoke that traditional nostalgia of old-fashioned bulbs. I'm Shellie at Christmas Light Source.