Get this Look: White Lights and Snow

Get this Look: White Lights and Snow

We love the Minnesota snow in this customer's photo. We also loved what he had to say:

Classic look

I have these C9 LEDs outlining the front roofline of my house. I was a little concerned they wouldn't be very bright being spaced 1 ft apart, but they light up the place quite nicely and I really like the warm white look. They've also proved durable, as I had my three young kids help screw them into the cord sockets without any breaks!

Josh, 2020



Purchase a male plug wherever your Christmas display plan indicates where the cord will be cut to fit and plugged into an outlet or splitter. The 100-foot cords are manufactured with one male plug, so depending on your plan, you might not need additional plugs.

Female gilbert (vampire) plugs are used to terminate cords