Get this Look: Multicolor C9 Glass Bulbs and Cords

Get this Look: A Gingerbread House She-Shed

After decorating the house and lawn for Christmas, why stop? Don't let she-sheds, workshops and storage buildings sit sad and dark for the holidays.

Simple projects like this one might only require what is left over!

For a project like this, you'll need about 50 feet of C9 cord and 50 C9 multicolor bulbs, and 50 roofline clips.

Because it's so easy to tailor this project, rather than list specific products, here are the categories to browse.


C9 Glass bulbs. Traditional glass bulbs. Choose from transparent, painted, twinkle, or extra bright.

50-foot C9 Christmas Cords. Choose from green or white based on the color of flashing. This category features cords with standard SPT-1 insulation. Perfect for a standard Christmas installation.

Clips and hooks. Browse through all these clips to choose the best clip for your project. Consider bulb orientation, a need to hang other types of lights (like mini light strings or icicles), and color. These are commercial clips that professionals have been using for installations for years.

Traditional C9 cords can be cut to fit. Here are a few blog posts that answer our most common questions about Christmas installations that use traditional 18 AWG cord and bulbs.

Helpful Posts and Video

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