Get this Look: A Multiple Color Christmas!!

Patriotic Home Decor

Thank you, Stephen, for sending us photos of your Christmas lights display. We enjoyed seeing the fun color combinations created using different styles of plug-and-play LED Christmas light strings.

Projects like this are based on the types of products listed below. Lengths and quantities will be based on your project measurements.


This project used the G12 strings to light the trees and shrubs. This project uses 14 sets of green G12 LED strings, 12 blue, and 4 pure white.

The roofline was outlined with 20 sets of C7 lights. Since up to 87 sets of lights can be run in series, installation is quick and easy. An extension cord may not even be required.

For future projects, matching light strings can be used on interior Christmas trees and the lights can be repurposed for parties.

To achieve the maximum life span for these string lights, we suggest that all LED light strings (and bulbs) be plugged into outdoor-rated surge protectors.

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