Get This Look: Lights for Your Mantle

Mantle Lights

An inviting mantle is a quick easy project for the first time home-owner or a veteran. Assemble a few seasonal items, or favorite collectibles to accent your mantle any time of year. In the evenings, just plug in the mantle lights, turn down the room lights, and enjoy. Add simple automation to have that happen every night at sunset.

What's required to Get this Look?

This customer used two strings of white craft lights. Craft lights have a 36-inch lead wire between the plug and the first bulb. If an outlet is nearby, the extra distance of wire may mean an extension cord won't be necessary and there isn't a string of lights spanning the gap between an outlet and the mantle.

Common sense notice. Incandescent lights do heat up under operation. Use LED craft lights if using heat-sensitive decor or if delicate surfaces are involved.

Here's a quick video showing exactly what these craft lights look like:

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