Get This Look: A Symphony in Red, White, and Orange

Christmas display with red, white, and orange c7 bulbs.

We have had the pleasure of partnering with Marc for more than a decade now. Every year, we eagerly await his updates and look forward to receiving his emails with attachments. Marc began his decoration journey with LED string lights and has since grown his display over time. Building strong relationships like this is one of the things we cherish most about selling Christmas lights.

To achieve this particular look, this project incorporates red, white, and orange C7 LED bulbs and cords. Marc has opted for a classic pattern of 2 white bulbs followed by 1 red bulb, alternating between the two colors. He has also added opaque orange C7 bulbs as accents to his installation.

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Installation Tips

  1. Make a plan. The first step before purchasing and installing Christmas lights is to determine style, colors, types of bulbs, or light strings, and what complementary light strings, and nets will complement your design.
  2. Measure all the rooflines, driveways, sidewalks, and railings in your decorating plan. Add 10% to measurements to account for “swag” and unexpected twists and turns.
  3. Don't forget the installation clips. For the cleanest look, plan for one clip per bulb. Most clips work both along rooflines and gutters.

Get This Look: A Symphony in Red, White, and Orange

Get This Look: A Symphony in Red, White, and Orange

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