Can LED fairy lights catch fire?

Can LED fairy lights catch fire?

Any electrical device or appliance can start a fire if it is damaged or used in poor operating conditions. That being said, LED Christmas lights do not heat up under operation so they are less likely to start a fire than lights that get hot when plugged in.

Safety things to remember when installing Christmas lights:

  1. Make sure the wiring of all the lights is in great condition.
  2. Use a timer or turn off the lights when you aren't in the same room or home with them.
  3. Don't stretch lights across metal edges or put stress or tension on the wiring.
  4. Don't decorate a Christmas tree with flammable decor
  5. Be sure to choose a fresh tree if you go the natural, real-tree, route, cut off the end of the trunk, and make sure it stays watered. See this artcle about Christmas tree safety for more information.
  6. Don't use staples when installing lights since they could be accidentally pierced.
  7. Don't install too many light strings in a project and exceed the manufacturer's specification for maximum number of light strings to be run in series.
  8. Don't exceed more than 85% of your household breaker's maximum capability (ask an electrician to help calculate this figure for your breakers)
  9. Never daisy chain extension cords or exceed a cord's maximum current rating
  10. Have a Master Electrican examine your Christmas light display to make sure you are staying inside the lines of common sense electrical practices.

Have fun this Season by staying safe both while installing lights and when enjoying them.

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