Battery lights, a vase and snow!

Battery lights, a vase and snow!

If you've been reading our blog, you know that we love quick, easy, fairly inexpensive with a large impact when it comes to our DIY projects. Today's project came from an idea I had about lighting up my new West Elm bar cart and adding light to my guest bath this week as folks come to visit.


  • glass vase or container
  • a set of battery lights - the style with no insulation works really well for this project
  • fake snow - we found this HUGE bag at our local big box store for $2.50
  • 3 AAA batteries - we buy these by the bucket

Here's the glass container we used for the project. I love the reflective coating, super thickness and slight pink color. Purchased during the 50% off glassware sale while making my 80% off "Autumn decor haul" at Hobby Lobby.

Alternatives include mason jars, vases you have in the cabinet above your fridge and glass storage jars with a flip top.

The snow. I'm looking forward to finding more uses for this unidentifiable but definitely snow-like product. Christmas centerpieces, winter wedding decor..... expect to see it again.

First, load up a handful of snow in your vase before you drop in the battery lights. You'll be less likely to see the battery box from the side and there is less snow to reach through to turn the battery light set on and off.

Our battery fairy lights have an extra long lead wire which is perfect for most of our projects, making hiding the box much easier but in this application, we want to keep it out of the way.

Wrap the lead a couple of times around the battery box is an easy solution to tucking it away out of site under the snow.

Drop the batter light in the faux snow. Make sure the switch is facing you.

Add more snow.

Turn the lights on and enjoy.


In the corner of the guest bath countertop.

On your bar cart. A little faux snow on the cart itself is super-Christmasey.

Suggested installations that don't have photos:

  • Light a dorm room shelf
  • Accent a wedding centerpiece
  • Light up the top of a piano
  • Add mood lighting to a boat cabin since candles aren't allowed
  • Light up your outdoor tables

Share your photos, we'd love to see them.

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