Battery Light Project: Salt and Peonies

Battery Light Project:  Salt and Peonies

vase with lights and peony

We love the look of this simple centerpiece.

Perfect for a wedding reception it also finds a great home on a dorm room shelf - especially when string lights aren't allowed.

We also love it in the powder room.


  • epsom salt
  • faux peony or a large roses - use your favorite large fake flower
  • a string of fairy battery operated lights - runs on 3 AA batteries - for this project we used yellow but white is especially nice as well
  • round glass container - this is an inexpensive tag-sale find


For a short-term event, if you want the battery box hidden, load the batteries into the battery light, switch on the lights then put the battery box in the bottom of the glass container. If you are decorating a shelf or powder room for a few days, hide the battery box in a corner behind your container and lay the lights at the bottom of the bowl.

inside view

Fill the container with epson salt, maneuvering lights so that they are close to the sides of the bowl and the top of the salt. We liked burying most of the lights in salt but you can leave a few in the air looking like fireflies

Nestle in your peony.

inside lit

Quick and easy, this is one of our favorite projects made with objects you probably already have on hand. Magnolias are a great alternative to peonies or roses.

Keep in mind that this is not a long-term project since salt is corrosive and will damage your battery lights and batteries. If you are going to leave this project on the shelf all year, substitute "fake snow", rice or similar fillers as your base.

The lights featured in this project last over 100 hours a single battery set. How long they last will depend on the brand and age of your batteries.

Where do you use your battery lights? Share your comments and photos below or share on Instagram. #christmaslightsource #batterylights