100-bulb Blue Mini Lights, 6" Spacing, Green Wire
100-bulb Blue Mini Lights, 6" Spacing, Green Wire
100-bulb Blue Mini Lights, 6" Spacing, Green Wire
100-bulb Blue Mini Lights, 6" Spacing, Green Wire

100-bulb Blue Mini Lights, 6" Spacing, Green Wire

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Feeling blue? Our blue mini lights on green wire will be the perfect addition to your holiday decorations. Green wire, with 6-inch spacing, will blend in beautifully on your tree or other foliage. These blue Christmas lights work well for larger projects such as wrapping fence posts and outlining large outdoor structures. The wider spacing is also ideal for large trees and bridges. Pair them with white and silver decorations to create a New Year's Eve Party that will have everyone in a festive mood.


  • Incandescent
  • Glass bulbs
  • 22 AWG
  • UL Rated, Indoor/Outdoor
  • If one burns out, the rest stay lit
  • If a bulb is removed the string will go out
  • Cannot cut to shorten or lengthen
  • Don't run more than 5 sets in series



Incandescent or LED Incandescent Maximum Sets Run in Series 5 Sets
Color of Bulbs Blue Certification(s) UL Approved
Color of Wire Green Warm Up During Operation Yes
Number of Bulbs 100 Plug Type Male (Stackable)/Female
Spacing between bulbs 2.5 inches Dimmable Yes
Bulb Shape Traditional Christmas Tree Bulb/Mini Light Maximum Current 3 Amps
Replaceable Bulbs Yes Voltage 120 V
Total Length 50 feet, approx. Power 40 Watts
Lit Length 49 feet, 6 inches approx. Current Draw .34 Amps
Lead Wire Length (Distance between male plug and first light) 3 inches Bulb Height 11/16 inch
Tail Wire Length (distance between last bulb and female plug) 3 inches Bulb Width 3/16 inch
Gauge of Wire 22 Bulb Diameter .19 inch
Included Replacements 2 Bulbs (2.5 Volt)
1 Fuse (3 Amp, 125 Volt)
2 Flasher Bulbs
Potential Lifespan Estimate 3,000 hours
Application Indoor/Outdoor Warranty 90 Days of Normal Seasonal Use
Additional Info If a bulb burns out, others stay lit. If a bulb is removed, other bulbs will go out. Additional Info

For CA Residents: Prop 65 Notice

Tips for use


  • Purchase an extra set of string lights to install first in the center of a Christmas tree then finish lighting the edges of the tree before adding ornaments, bows, and garland
  • Mix mini lights with C7 bulbs and cords on trees to provide "visual texture"
  • Start lighting or wrapping trees with a female plug at the top to insure that a male plug will be at the bottom of the installation - easier to plug into an extension cord that way
  • Create a romantic glow by hanging lights on an empty wall using low-adhesive hooks
  • Use a socket adapter to plug lights into an outdoor porch light
  • Keep a string or two on hand to light parties, zoom calls, and youtube video backgrounds


<p>With just 2.5 inches between bulbs and made with white wire, use these light sets for Christmas yard art, or light your tree. Don't forget that lights are an easy way to add fun to any party or holiday. Don't forget blue for football-watching parties, summer cookouts, and birthday celebrations.</p>
<li>Glass bulbs</li>
<li>22 AWG</li>
<li>UL Rated, Indoor/Outdoor</li>
<li>If one burns out, the rest stay lit</li>
<li>If a bulb is removed the string will go out</li>
<li>Cannot cut to shorten or lengthen</li>
<li>Don't run more than 5 sets in series</li>
<div id="specstbl">
<table width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td>Incandescent or LED</td>
<td>Maximum Sets Run in Series</td>
<td>5 Sets</td>
<td>Color of Bulbs</td>
<td>UL Approved</td>
<td>Color of Wire</td>
<td>Warm Up During Operation</td>
<td>Number of Bulbs</td>
<td>Plug Type</td>
<td>Male (Stackable)/Female</td>
<td>Spacing between bulbs</td>
<td>2.5 inches</td>
<td>Bulb Shape</td>
<td>Traditional Christmas Tree Bulb/Mini Light</td>
<td>Maximum Current</td>
<td>3 Amps</td>
<td>Replaceable Bulbs</td>
<td>120 V</td>
<td>Total Length</td>
<td>21 feet, approx.</td>
<td>40 Watts</td>
<td>Lit Length</td>
<td>20 feet 7.5 inches, approx.</td>
<td>Current Draw</td>
<td>.34 Amps</td>
<td>Lead Wire Length (Distance between male plug and first light)</td>
<td>3 inches</td>
<td>Bulb Height</td>
<td>11/16 inch</td>
<td>Tail Wire Length (distance between last bulb and female plug)</td>
<td>3 inches</td>
<td>Bulb Width</td>
<td>3/16 inch</td>
<td>Gauge of Wire</td>
<td>Bulb Diameter</td>
<td>.19 inch</td>
<td>Included Replacements</td>
<td>2 Bulbs (2.5 Volt)<br>1 Fuse (3 Amp, 125 Volt) <br>2 Flasher Bulbs</td>
<td><a href="https://blog.christmas-light-source.com/what-is-the-average-rated-lifetime-hours-for-your-bulbs/" target="_blank">Potential Lifespan Estimate</a></td>
<td>3,000 hours</td>
<td>90 Days of Normal Seasonal Use</td>
<td>Additional Info</td>
<td>If a bulb burns out, others stay lit. If a bulb is removed, other bulbs will go out.</td>
<td>Additional Info</td>
<p>For CA Residents: <a href="https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/sites/default/files/downloads/factsheets/holiday_lights_fact_sheet.pdf" target="_blank">Prop 65 Notice</a></p>

<h6>Warranty and returns</h6>
<p>All of our products are warranted for 90 days of normal, seasonal operation. See our&nbsp;<a title="Warranty page" href="https://christmas-light-source.myshopify.com/pages/warranty">Warranty policy page</a><span>&nbsp;</span>for more information.&nbsp;</p>
<p>January - July: Orders are shipped Monday - Thursday within 1-2 business days.</p>
<p>August - December: Orders are shipped Monday - Friday. See our<span>&nbsp;</span><a title="Shipping timeframes" href="https://www.christmas-light-source.com/pages/shipping-warranty-and-returns">Shipping status</a><span>&nbsp;</span>page&nbsp;to find out when your order will ship.</p>
<p>We accept returns of products in original, like-new condition within 45 days after an order is received<strong>.<span>&nbsp;</span></strong>After receipt, the amount of purchase price will be credited within 5 business days. Return and original shipping charges are not refunded.&nbsp;&nbsp;See our<span>&nbsp;</span><a title="Returns policy" href="https://christmas-light-source.myshopify.com/pages/returns">Returns policy</a>.</p>

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