Add lights to december 31!

New Year's Eve Lights

Add champagne and party favors and it's a party!

What are ways to light for New Year's

Outline: Use traditional C7/C9 bulbs and cords to outline walkways to show guests where all the fun is happening!

Curtains: Use curtain lights to create photo booth backdrops, light walls inside and fences outside. Accent a pergola or gazebo with icicle lights or curtains.

Our favorite lights for New Year's Eve

Fun projects for February

Battery lights project

Use curtain lights, a streamer backdrop, ornaments and mylar numbers to create a photo backdrop!

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Light a bar cart

See three ways to add cheer to a bar cart for February parties and events. This winter month needs light!

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Create a fun vase

Use decorative transparent objects that can be purchased at a local craft or "dollar" store to create a stunning vase for any party!

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The perfect set for centerpieces

Warm White Fairy LED Battery Lights (CR Battery)


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These Micro LED Battery lights are perfect for Mason jars, Bridal bouquets, and Corsages.

Their lightweight size makes them ideal for:

  • small containers
  • homecoming mums
  • table decor

These battery lights with super-compact battery boxes are a great solution for all of these applications.

Lasting over 100 hours, these lights strings are shipped with two CR2032L batteries. You can find replacement batteries at your local big box store next to the AA and AAA batteries.

This set features a 2x1 inch battery pack, a 7.5 inch lead wire, 86 inches total length with a lit length of 78.5 inches.

Wind the wire around your hand, stuff it into your container or do what we do and pop them in your purse to whip out as a solution to any battery light emergency and you'll find you love these as much as we do.

Indoor Use Only

Don't put the lights away yet!

Christmas lights are not just for Christmas anymore! They can also be used to add a festive touch to New Year's Eve parties. There are several ways to incorporate Christmas lights into your December 31st decorations. You can string them around the room or across the ceiling to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Use traditional white/clear lights for a sophisticated look or use multi-colored lights to add a playful and fun vibe to the party. You can also use Christmas lights to highlight specific areas such as the bar or the dance floor.

These lights can also be draped around tables create a festive mood.

Christmas lights can add a touch of magic to your New Year's Eve party decorations.