Clear Mini Lights on Black Wire

      Transparent clear mini lights with black wire are ideal for making a casual event seem extra special and making an elegant occasion seem that much more classy. These lights on black wire will surprise you by opening up new and exciting decorating possibilities for your next special event, party, or home décor scheme.

      Decorating with Clear Christmas lights on Black Wire

      Black tie events such as weddings, retirement dinners, proms, homecoming dances, anniversary parties, over-the-hill birthday parties and the like are the perfect examples of opportunities to use clear Christmas lights with black wire to spruce up your party décor.

      Wrap black columns, outline the DJ's area with lights, and make the dance floor pop by outlining the edges, highlight the band or orchestra's area, or help your guests find the cash bar.Calling all magicians! Your stage sets will look fantastic accented with these clear mini lights with black wire. The wire will blend in against the black curtain and the lights will draw the eyes of your audience.

      Is a black tunnel in your decorating or party scheme? Use these mini lights strung on black wire to help your guests find their way by creating a path on the floor of the blackened tunnel. Or, lend just a bit of light on the ceiling of the tunnel. Haunted houses, proms, and homecoming dances might use tunnels to create a certain theme and would benefit from using these fantastic lights.

      Contemporary or modern décor contains some black and white color and design combinations. Why not use our clear mini lights with black wire to add some ambiance and atmosphere to your décor? The black wire will be hidden against black molding or trim, while the sparkling lights invite you in to sit, chat, and relax.Other uses for these lights on black wire might include:

      1. Outlining a black trimmed marquis or signage
      2. Halloween displays where orange, purple, or green mini lights might not fit as well as clear
      3. Planters
      4. Theatres or stages using black backgrounds - use lights to create shapes or to illuminate an otherwise darkened stage
      5. Black and white themed party or special event
      6. Zoo-themed bedroom - especially penguins
      7. Highlighting a photo frame or artwork contained in a black frame
      8. Restaurants and coffee houses
      9. Home theatres will take on a whole new appearance with these lights strung on the ceiling, or surrounding your large-screen television. The clear lights will help to create just enough light by which to watch the movie and see your popcorn, and the black wire will blend perfectly into the darkened décor.

      Think outside the box when it comes to ideas for using these unique lights on black wire. There are always more ways to use them; we simply like to spark your imagination so your own creative juices can flow and you can come up with fantastic ideas all on your very own.