Christmas Lights on White Wire

Minilights on white wire

Have you found the perfect white Christmas tree and want it to reflect your own personal style?
If the tree came pre-lit, add layers of color to it to accent the color scheme of ornaments and decor.
Light strings with white wire are hard to find but our customers asked for wonderful alternatives and we've provided them. From red, green, and blue to purple, teal, and pink, highlight the most traditional to the latest in modern ornaments, replace lights on yard sculpture, and use them to light spaces all year.
Planning a wedding or anniversary?
Use these light strings in the following types of applications:
  • wedding tents
  • backyard gazebos and vinyl pergolas
  • white painted branches used as centerpieces
  • reading nooks
  • lighting white ceilings
  • adding sparkle to wedding showers
  • celebrate with your favorite sports team's colors