New Year's Eve: Decorating with Lights!

New Years Eve: Decorating with Lights!

December 31st is the day we celebrate New Year's Eve, but that wasn't always the calendar day it was celebrated in years past. Some 4,000 years ago, the Babylonians celebrated the beginning of the New Year following the first crescent moon after the first day of Spring in honor of the earth being "reborn" following the winter months. We celebrate one day in honor of the New Year arriving, but the Babylonians' celebration lasted for eleven days! Even though our special events and parties probably pale in comparison to the Babylonian celebrations, your New Year's Eve party can be sparkling, beautiful, and memorable when you decorate with lights.

Appetizers are great for New Year's Eve parties so guests can mingle and visit with everyone in attendance. Use white mini LED light sets or battery operated light packs along with champagne glasses, black top hats, lots of curly ribbon in colors of silver and gold, confetti, candles, and glitter on the appetizer table for a great presentation of your finger foods and drinks.

Are you and your guests planning to watch the ball drop on television? Surround your television with mini light sets, streamers and curly ribbon since it will be a focal point during the ball drop and possibly for some of the broadcasted festivities following the arrival of the New Year.

If you have a large room where you'll be celebrating, such as a living room, great room, banquet room, or reception hall, use several light sets on the ceiling. String them from a focal point in the middle of the room, suspending them with clear wire all the way to the corners of the room and in between. The ceiling centerpiece could be sparkling stars, moons, and streamers hanging down at varying intervals from the ceiling.

Welcome your guests by using Christmas light stakes to suspend traditional C7 or C9 traditional or LED lights along your driveway and walkway. Your friends will be in a festive mood before they knock on your door!

Battery operated lights add sparkle to any party hat, so consider adding them to your glittery party hat and make a real statement.

Balloons, streamers, and lights are a given at a great party, so use them liberally in your hallway, powder rooms, kitchen, dining area, basement, or any other room in which your guests will congregate.

A themed New Year's Eve party would be a big hit with your guests. Some popular themes for this holiday might include a Roaring 20's theme, a Black Tie event, a luau, an 80's or 50's theme, or an all American theme. No matter which theme and color scheme you choose, there are a wide variety of colorful mini lights to compliment or match your New Year's Eve party decorations.

Is the Christmas tree still standing? Leave the light sets on the tree and replace your Christmas ornaments with New Year's style decorations that either match or compliment your party theme or in a traditional style. Clear mini lights or warm white mini LED lights are the perfect backdrop for glittering stars, fancy top hats, and bulbs.

New Year's Eve gives us a reason to celebrate the coming year and to enjoy family and friends at the same time. Our mini lights, battery operated LED light sets, and our shaped lights offer a great variety of decorating options when it comes to bringing light, elegance, or whimsy to your New Year's Eve celebration.

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