Get This Look: Karen's LED Multi-color LED Christmas lights!

Get This Look: Karen's LED Multi-color LED Christmas lights!

My cousin, Karen, gives new meaning to her name. She's very cool and has a lovely Christmas light display.

About two years she moved from a traditional glass multi tradition and decided to go all -n with LED. She has been kind enough to share these photos of this year's display. Scroll down to see all of them.


This look can also be achieved with traditional glass C7/C9 bulbs. See all of the different choices at our bulbs and cords page.

Installation Tips

Order one magnetic clip per bulb/socket

Karen is petite so she uses a couple of large binder clips to keep her lights in place along the roofline when she moves the ladder as she is installing the lights. When a couple of feet are "attached" to the fascia with the magnetic clips, she clips a binder clip onto the shingles and grabs the one she left behind before she moves the ladder. This helps avoid the problem of accidentally yanking down several feet of bulbs.

Matching the roofline, net lights, and inside Christmas tree lights unifies a Christmas light display.

Lights installed on metal fascia with magnetic clips.

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