DIY: Countertop "Snow Globes" with Lights

Mason Jar Snow Globes

We love an easy project (as you've figured out by now, if you've read any of our project posts) and this fun afternoon craft is a perfect one for the Christmas break. These snow globes don't use water but we love the look of mason jars and lights without the mess.


  • mason jars of different sizes
  • battery lights
  • cars, trees, models
  • fake snow
  • tape - we used blue painters tape here, to do it again, we'd go with clear #live #learn
  • props to elevate models if needed

The Process

Assemble the jars, toys, lights, snow, and more on the dining room table. Pour a glass of unsweet iced tea or make a cup of warm spice tea while you work.

The little tree on this car may have seen better days but it's a Mustang. That's a keeper. Dave collected Hallmark automobile ornaments in his 20's and we love them on our tree and they make a nice accent in these lit mason jar projects.

The Thunderbird is a favorite as well.

Match the mason jar to the object.

Choose either warm or pure white battery lights.

We used blue painter's tape for this project because most of the time, it's super-handy. Next time, we'll go with clear packing tape instead.

Here is a handful of the faux snow. Not quite as bad as glitter, keep it contained or be ready with a quick vac.

Add snow to the jars.

Secure the battery box into the lid of the jar. An alternative is to tuck the battery box under the snow or lightly screw down the threaded ring of the jar onto the the wire of the batter lights and leave the battery box outside the jar.

Turn on the lights and spiralize them into the snow and jar.

We kept losing the Mustang in a snowdrift. Two dice to the rescue like a couple of blocks!

The assembled project.

A close up view. This is an alternative view with no snow.

The Thunderbird without faux snow. This project is going onto a mantle.

Our tribute to the Cadillac Ranch. Several of these in a row would be fun. Don't know what the Cadillac Ranch is? Check it out here.

We love this teddy bear ornament in this project as well!

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes
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