Christmas Centerpieces

Christmas Centerpiece with red and gold ornaments

Christmas table centerpieces are easy to create using basic materials you're already using to decorate the rest of your home for the holidays. To add just a bit more sparkle and light, our battery operated Christmas lights on either green wire or white wire work beautifully.

Christmas wreaths are often used on front doors, above the fireplace mantel, or on the sides of outbuildings. Why not use a small to medium size Christmas wreath as a table centerpiece? If you have a round, glass or silver serving tray, use it as the base underneath your wreath centerpiece. Next, use battery operated Christmas lights either as a great bunch in the center of the wreath or wrapped around the wreath to add twinkling dots of light. Add bittersweet, artificial flowers, tiny ornaments and red bows for the final touches.

For a country themed Christmas table centerpiece, consider using a wood breadbox, tool chest, or a log for the center of your table. Inside the breadbox or tool chest, nestle evergreen boughs, artificial birds, twigs, pine cones, and our battery operated Christmas lights. A log can seem a bit woodsy, but can easily be turned into an attractive centerpiece. Hollow out several circular holes in the log. Place votive candles into each hole and then encircle the log with a strand of our battery operated Christmas lights. Add color with red bows and greenery. Beautiful!

Silver serving trays with candles of varying heights, greenery, elegant Christmas bulbs, and our battery operated Christmas lights will sparkle in the middle of your holiday table.

Using a large bowl or basket, fill the bottom of the container with foam or any other soft material. Then, place soft greenery or garland over the top. In the greenery or garland, nestle colorful bulbs and light sets. During the daylight hours, the bulbs give color. At night, the battery operated lights will reflect off of the bulbs and look stunning during the evening hours.

An Advent wreath, used by many families in anticipation of Jesus' arrival on Christmas Day, could also serve as a Christmas table centerpiece. Once you've set up your traditional wreath with candles, greenery, and ribbon, add one of our light sets to complete the arrangement.

Glass hurricane candle holders coupled with varying heights of glass bowls can be decorated with candles, greenery, and our battery operated light sets to create a unique and stunning table centerpiece. Use floating candles in the glass bowls and pillar candles inside the hurricanes. Surround the entire display with lots of evergreen boughs, berries, birds, and lights and you'll have a beautiful table centerpiece.

Baskets of all shapes and sizes are perfect for containing a beautiful Christmas table centerpiece. Again, greenery is the star when it comes to filling the basket and serving as the canvas for the other decorations. Strings of beads will add eye appeal when intertwined around the evergreen boughs. Add one or more candles in the middle of your basket and then nestle our battery operated Christmas lights on green wire in the middle around the candle.

Make your Christmas table centerpiece the center of attention (until the food arrives of course!) by using mini lights, greenery, and lots of color and detailed accents for a stunning table presentation.