LED Slow and Fast Color Changing Bulbs

These retrofit C7 and C9 LED bulbs fit your existing C7 and C9 light cords and spool or you can purchase them separately. C7 cords are here. C9 cords are sold here.
One lovely advantage of moving from incandescent to LED bulbs is their ability to change colors. Our bulbs change randomly so a separate controller isn't required.
The bulbs do not change synchronously but randomly cycle through the color spectrum. You can choose from the following variables to make the best selections for your projects.
  • Size of bulb and base
    • C7 (E12)
    • C9 (E17)
  • Speed of change
    • Slow changing
    • Fast changing
These bulbs can be used on their own to create a dynamic display or at a 10-20% rate to add sparkle to your strings of lights.