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Whether it's decorating your porch for neighborhood children, adding lights to a costume or making a centerpiece special for an Autumn get-together can make your October evenings sparkle. Read more...

Technical Questions

What is the Difference Between SPT-1 and SPT-2 Christmas Light Cord?

When you are looking online at Christmas light stringer wire have you ever noticed the SPT designation? It's merely an indicator of the thickness and durability of the insulation. Most of the time, it may not be even listed as a specification. If it's not, you can almost always assume (but you know what they say about people who assume...) that it is SPT-1.

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LED Christmas Lights: A Brief Historical Overview

LED Christmas lights are widely accepted now as one of the many choices of Christmas lights available to consumers. However, it was years ago that the concept of LED's was actually discovered. Christmas lights are a recent application for LED's. Light emitting diodes (LED's) were first used for commercial applications. There really is a history behind LED's and the effect they currently have (and have had in recent years) on the Christmas light industry.


History of the Capitol Christmas Tree

The Capitol Christmas Tree has a history that spans nearly 44 years. This stunning tree is located on the west lawn of the Capitol and is lit each year with lights and decorated with handmade ornaments from children and adults alike. Have you ever wondered how the tree comes to be on the lawn of the Capitol each year? Here is some interesting history on the tree itself and how the annual tree lighting ceremony has become a time-honored tradition. Read More....

History of Christmas Lights

Christmas is an amazing time of year. There are so many things to do, to plan for and to see. One of those things is Christmas lights. Every year people dig them out or by the latest trend and decorate their trees, and their homes with these colorful and cheerful reminders of the holiday season. Christmas lights actually started out just as candles. These candles were attached to the tree using wax or pins. The practice began in Germany during the 17th century and over the next 200 or so years; it became an established practice in Germany and began to spread out into other countries of Eastern Europe.Read More...

History of Santa Claus

Of all the modern mythical icons, none inspires such love and respect as that jolly old soul, Santa Claus. Whether he's called St. Nicholas, Sinter Klaas, Father Christmas, or Kris Kringle, the red-suited marvel is beloved all around the world. But, ask children everywhere, where did he come from? Read More...

Craft Projects

Christmas Centerpieces

Christmas table centerpieces are easy to create using basic materials you're already using to decorate the rest of your home for the holidays. To add just a bit more sparkle and light, our battery operated Christmas lights on either green wire or white wire work beautifully.

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Parties and Patios

Decorating Baby Showers with Mini Lights

A baby shower should be an exciting and memorable event for the expecting mommy and for her guests. The decorations for a baby shower can range from very simple to ornate, but no matter what type of theme is chosen, it's easy to incorporate mini lights into the decor.


Decorating a Restaurant with Lights

A professional restaurant owner will be the first to tell you that the atmosphere is probably at least half of the reason people are drawn to a certain place to eat. They'll probably also agree that lighting is crucial and essential for creating just the right warmth and ambiance for any restaurant. Read More...

Decorating a Wedding Reception with Lights

Weddings are a time of magic and event that will create memories that last a lifetime for both the bride and groom, and for their loved ones who celebrate their special day with them. The decorations used at the wedding and the reception will set the mood for the event. Lighting of all kinds will lend warmth, ambiance, and romance to your wedding decor and create an event that will evoke sweet memories for years to come. Read More...

General Christmas

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Everyone celebrates Christmas in their own way and each country has traditions that are unique to the area or culture. These traditions are some of the things that make Christmas special and unique. Some of the largest differences come in the unique dishes, dinners and family traditions that show up in the various countries around the world. There are also certain activities that nations and cultures do that are unique or special in how they celebrate this wonderful and joyful holiday. In Africa, areas that are Christian have a Christmas Pageant, carolers going through the village, there is a love offering that is given to the Church during the worship service. Christmas dinner is a community affair when it comes to celebrations in Africa. Each family makes their meals and then everyone sets up outdoors allowing everyone to join in the family dinner. Fufu, which is a rice and yam paste dish, is served with stew, porridge and meats. Read more...

Christmas Tradition: Figgy Pudding

Figgy pudding is another name for Christmas pudding. There are a couple of different ways to make it but it is actually more of a cake than what most people think of a pudding. It is an older recipe dating as far back as the 15th century but lost popularity during the 19th century because of the ingredients and the excessively long time to prepare and there is a large amount of saturated animal fats used in the recipe making it a less popular dish when it comes to traditional Christmas dishes. Read More...

Easy Christmas Cookies

Using Refrigerator Cookie Dough to Make Christmas Cookies

One of the traditions of Christmas that everyone looks forward to is cookies. They are delightful additions that we place as snacks, treats and of course, for some of us they are the traditional gift left for Santa. They can also take up a large amount of time when it comes to making them. With the hectic lives that we all have today making Christmas cookies is a daunting task and one that usually ends up on the way side and is forgotten. There are a number of ways however, that can make providing Christmas cookies a snap for people who do not have a lot of time. Read more...

Lace Cookies for Christmas

Lace cookies are some of the delicious cookies you can make during the Christmas season. They are sweet, thin and delicate some people have even likened them to snowflakes because each one is a little different. The trick to making lace cookies is a thin batter and nothing, which can cause the cookies to rise. These cookies are designed to be thin and crisp. They do take a little bit of work so they are not classified as an easy cookie. Read more...

Homemade Christmas Cards

Making Christmas cards from scratch is one of the best ways to show the holiday spirit. They take time, energy, care, and show the people whom you may not spend a lot of time with throughout the year that you are thinking of them, wishing them well and that they are important to you.

There are a few things that you need when it comes to card making. If you are new to scrapbooking or card making then the best way to go is to look at supply kits. These include everything that you need in order to make the cards that you want. Some of these even include instructions on how to make various types of designs. Read More...

Christmas Cookies: Basic Sugar

Sugar cookies are the basics of any holiday. They are versatile and wonderfully delicious. You can do just about anything with sugar cookies including flavoring and a wide variety of decorations that it can take. They can also be sweet or done without the extra sweetness expected of them. The choice of course is up to what you and your family enjoys. Read more...

Christmas Cookies: Vanilla and Chocolate

These are delightful cookies that mix the best of chocolate and vanilla based sugar cookies. You can also make chocolate and cherry or Chocolate and mint. Whatever suits your fancy when it comes to making these lovely Christmas cookies. Read More...

Press Cookies for Christmas

Press Christmas cookies are one way to make interesting and delicious cookies for the holiday season. They do require some special equipment however and they are one of the more complex cookies to make for Christmas despite how easy it sounds to make them but this mainly comes from equipment use. I love the fact that you don't have to roll out dough. Read more...

Decorating Christmas Cookies

There are a myriad of ways to decorate Christmas cookies from the simple to the complex. Decorating cookies for Christmas is one of the fun things that everyone in the family can pitch in and help with. There are tons of decorations available and decorating ideas for making Christmas cookies extra special. Read more...

Why are Red and Green the colors of Christmas?

Everyone associates Christmas with the colors red and green but most people do not really know why those two colors are associated with this holiday. There are a number of reasons some of which are regional but over all green represents life, something that people need reminding of especially during the harsh winters where in times past things were most difficult. The red association came a bit later and showed up after Christmas started to become a holiday that had religious associations to the Christian faith. Red is said to represent the blood of Christ and His sacrifice for us.. Others say that while the red represents the blood of Christ the green represents the hope of eternal life that is offered to everyone with His coming. Read more...

Wrapping Christmas Gifts

Have you ever watched gifts being wrapped at a department store around the holidays? They're beautiful! You can achieve the same professional-looking results right in your own home. The recipient will feel special and loved when they take in hand your expertly wrapped, too-pretty-to-open, (well, almost), gift. Read more...

Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

Many people have the tradition of making their Christmas ornaments, or at least making one for every child, every year. They may be themed or may be simply pictures with the name and date on them as a way of keeping track of the years. For others it may simply be whatever creative turn takes their fancy for the year. It is not just kids that make these types of ornaments. There are adults who make their own as well from simple to complex. No matter adult or child making Christmas ornaments is a fun and memorable holiday tradition. Read more...

Family Christmas Traditions

Making memories with your kids is one of the highlights of every holiday season. There are hundreds of things to do that can assist in making each Christmas a memorable one for both you and your family. While some Christmas traditions may be faith based or society based it is the traditions that are passed down through the family that are the most memorable. Some of the common traditions are making cookies, making ornaments, getting the tree and decorating it. Read More...

Fun Ideas and Facts for Any Time of Year

Easy Snow Globes to Make for Any Season

Snow globes are amazing little things that can hold the fascination of just about anyone and they add something special to the Holiday season. While snow globes do bring on the sense of Christmas,snow globes can be made for any holiday and any occasion. They make great home made gifts for Christmas, birthdays and special events. Read more...

Decorating Your Garden with Light

Gardens look fantastic during the daylight hours with brightly colored flowers, greenery in every shade, differing heights of shrubs and trees, and decorative accents. Your garden can look just as beautiful in the evening hours when decorated with lights. Everyone who sees it will be drawn in, feel welcome, and want to stay awhile. Read more...

Article Reprints

Dreaming of a Watt Christmas - Courtesy of the Fort Worth Star Telegram

Expect a cold, dark and dreary New Year, thanks to the rising cost of electricity. Two rate increases at TXU, scheduled for November and Jan. 1, will culminate in a 24 percent increase in energy charges. Although the new rates will profoundly affect home heating costs, there is a seasonal consideration as well ā€” holiday lights. The shocking increase puts an obvious deadline on exterior light extravaganzas and will make revelers in luminosity more conscious of how many lights they put up, what kind they use, and how long they keep them on. Read more...

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