C9 LED Light Strings



      These durable and versatile C9 LED light strings are ideal for illuminating trees, outlining rooftops, and adorning any indoor or outdoor space. Featuring single-body construction with one LED per bulb, these energy-efficient strands provide a vibrant glow while consuming minimal power. Note, their construction means that bulbs cannot be removed or replaced. 

      Key Features:

      • Plug-and-play design: No assembly required. Just plug in and enjoy the festive illumination. These lights are wired like traditional Christmas tree minilights with a 3-wire harnes instead of traditional 18 AWG lamp cord style wiring.

      • Wide variety of colors: Choose from a spectrum of hues to match your holiday décor.

      • Durable construction: Built to withstand water and dust penetration. Impact resistant.

      Installation Tips:

      • For optimal installation, use clips specifically designed for mini lights, as these clips are better suited for the smaller bases of these LED bulbs.

      Additional Notes:

      • The single-body construction of these bulbs ensures long-lasting durability and eliminates the need for frequent replacements.

      • These light strings can be connected end-to-end up to 87 sets. Eight inch spacing between bulbs makes them versatile. 

      Use these light sets for:

      • Outlining rooflines
      • Outlining walkways and flower beds
      • Wrapping large tree trunks
      • Outlining signs
      • Decorating Christmas Trees - mix with mini lights for visual texture
      • Under-lighting patios covers

      All of our sets are rectified and feature either uni-body or 2-piece construction.

      Questions asked frequently about these light strings:

      Can I interchange the lights with sets I purchased elsewhere? No, our design is proprietary and the bulbs aren't compatible with other manufacturer's light strings. Most of our sets have one unit construction and the colors cannot be switched between different strings. If you would like to create custom color combinations, an ideal (and better) solution would be to purchase C9 stringer wire and retrofit C9 bulbs.

      Can I interchange bulbs from two color strings? In most cases, no. For the limited number of Premium C9 strings, the lenses can be unscrewed and the diode is replaceable. The LED and lens could be exchanged with an identical set but different colors of LEDs have different ratings and doing so could shorten the lifespan of your light strings. See answer above with a better solution.

      Are these rectified? Yes, all of our LED light strings have inline rectifiers, either in the plug or between the plug and first light.

      Do they heat up? No, under normal operation, LED light strings stay cool while operating.

      Can I make the strings shorter? No, these C9 Christmas light strings cannot be cut or modified. If you have extra lights left over at the end of a run, you'll have to visually hide them in your display since they cannot be adjusted due to their ultra-low current engineering.