Some of my battery lights are dim. What's up with that?

Some of my battery lights are dim.  What's up with that?

That's a good question. And one we hear from time to time.

It's 99% odds that the culprit is your set of batteries. As the battery lights drain the batteries, the bulbs randomly start to dim. They don't go out all at once. This is true of the incandescent and the LED sets. In fact, on the multi-color LED sets, the blue and green bulbs dimmer before the rest.

It's hard to know when you purchase a set of batteries how long they've been on the shelf. For your special event, we suggest purchasing brand-name batteries from a store with good turnover.

Keep in mind the following operation estimates per battery set on our different battery light families:

Be sure to test your battery lights when you receive them to ensure there are no manufacturing issues that can pop up occasionally. Let us know if you have an issue via our contact page so we can send you a replacement set.

Also, consider waiting until the last minute until you turn on your battery lights. We've had some customers ask their guests to turn on their centerpieces all at once for a lovely effect.