What exactly are chasing Christmas lights and how do they work?

Chasing Lights

We hear this question often enough that we thought we make it easier to find the answer here.

Chasing Christmas lights are traditional incandescent lights that are built with (usually) 3 circuits that flash on and off sequentially.

Each set has an independent controller that cycles through each of the three circuits (1-2-3). Set at a slow enough speed, the lights visually look like they are chasing each other, like bulbs that flash on and off around a marquee sign.

Chasing light have a single male end plug and cannot be connected end to end.

Here is a quick video that shows how chasing lights work.

Video of Frosted Chasing Mini Lights

Chasing lights are used to light Christmas trees and have been a customer favorite for different craft projects.

We love this cauldron project for Halloween. This vide features red and orange chasing lights.

Or see how easy it is to light up a fireplace!

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