What Does C9 Mean for Christmas Light Bulbs?

When it comes to Christmas lights, you may have seen the term "C9" used to describe a certain type of bulb. But what does C9 actually mean?

In short, C9 refers to the bulb size and shape. C9 bulbs are larger than the more common C7 bulbs, with a diameter of approximately 1.125 inches. They have a classic rounded globe shape and are often used for outdoor displays or larger indoor decorations.

C9 bulbs also come in a variety of colors and styles, from classic white to multicolored and even LED options. When purchasing C9 bulbs, it's important to check the wattage and any safety warnings to ensure they are appropriate for your intended use.

So now you know - C9 refers to the size and shape of a bulb commonly used in Christmas light displays. Whether you prefer classic white or multicolored bulbs, C9 options are a great choice for adding some festive cheer to your holiday décor.