Succulents under glass - with lights!

Succulents under glass - with lights!

We love succulents.

We love lights.

How could we not put them together?

And we really especially appreciate projects that take 5 minutes. This qualifies.



Here's that glass dome. Reasonably priced at IKEA, you should have at least one if not to around the house.

Photo courtesy of IKEA

For today's project, we used a vintage candle holder to act as a pot for our little succulent. Be non-traditional and choose something random at your house too! Or find a cute little 3-inch ceramic pot at a nursery or online.

Here is my happy succulent. I have found out since I shot this series of photos that succulents and I do not necessarily agree with one another and moving forward we'll be featuring the "faux" versions. Having a moment of silence here for the beautiful plant.

(I tried watering once a week. Misting every day. Low light. Bright light. Neglect. Attention. I even bought an e-book on the subject. I tried.)

We covered the base with Spanish moss but a little darker green florist moss from the hobby or dollar store will work fine. Just hide the dirt.

Position your assembly in the middle of the wooden base.

We grabbed a set of white fairy lights for this shoot but the yellow would work as well. The red would be a nice touch for Valentines.

Install a new set of batteries and turn on the lights. Wrap the wire of the lights loosely around your hand and tuck them into the domed jar. Bend and squeeze them until they fill the jar.

Lower the jar over the base. Done! We left the battery box outside of the jar for this project and that works great if this an entryway, dorm room shelf or bar cart accessory. If you are using this as part of a centerpiece, put the battery box under the succulent and off the table if you need to hide it. Faux flowers and moss make great battery box hiding materials. Read more about hiding a battery box with moss here.

Here are a few gratuitous photos of the completed project. I think I was trying out a new lens.

So pretty for a wedding centerpiece!

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