Spread the Love!

Valentine Lights

We all loved opening the email that contained this photo.

Barbara was kind enough to send us a photo of her Valentine's Day light display. There is no better time than the middle of winter with snow on the ground to spread a little love to the neighborhood.


The lights:

15 strings of pink Christmas lights on green wiring: The bulbs on the set that Barbara chose are spaced 4 inches apart so they work well for many different kinds of applications.

Attach with:

  • Hooks of choice: Consider no-damage adhesive clips or cup hooks
  • Tape - packing, blue painter's, or masking
  • Picture frame nails

Installation tips

Choose your favorite installation technique based on where you are installing lights and whether or not you mind a few little holes. Make a plan on paper for letters and shapes. Be sure to orient the letter so they are "the right way" when looking from the street. Install the light strings with a friend or two, plug in, and enjoy.

The lights used in this project are traditional, glass, incandescent strings. They can be run up to 10 sets in series. They do heat up slightly so be aware of this as you install them and be sure to be around when they are on.

We see this as a fun project for any season or proposal. Be sure to post your projects on Facebook and Instagram and tag us @christmaslightsource