Snowman Grapevine Wreath: Light Your Winter Entryway

Snowman Grapevine Wreath - Light your entryway

Do you want to build a snowman?

We did. We live in Texas so we made ours out of grapevine wreaths.


  • 2 medium-sized grapevine wreaths - check your local hobby store or create them from your own grapevine
  • 1-2 strings of white Christmas lights on white wire
  • a black foam sheet
  • Red adhesive-backed felt sheet
  • scarf - an inexpensive dollar store or thrift store scarf is a great choice as is that scarf at the back of the closet you never wear
  • white spray paint
  • twine, cord or zip ties
  • hot glue gun and hot glue

The materials.


These wreaths were handmade from a real grapevine. If you don't happen to have fresh grapevine on hand, find two medium-sized grapevine wreaths at your local hobby or craft store.

Fasten the wreaths together before you paint with twine, rope, wire ties ..... whatever you have handy.

It'll look something like this.

Spraypaint the grapevine wreath.

We enlisted 11-year old Owen to help. He received much instruction on shaking, not spraying too long but in bursts and how not to paint your clothes. He came out paint-free. Elizabeth's clothing may not have been so lucky during this part of the project.

Be sure to let your wreaths dry thoroughly.

Twist and wind the lights along the grapevine.

Cut the black foam sheet into a hat and add a red "ribbon". Hot glue the hat to the top wreath.

Add the scarf and artfully tie it where the wreaths are joined. It's cute if you attach it to the side of the bottom wreath, making it look a little wind swept.

The finished project!

Closeup of the lights.

Closer look of the hat.

Installed on a glass door. We love that it enhances the view and doesn't block it.

lit snowman wreath project
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