Get this Look: C9 Multicolor Opaque Glass Bulbs, Retro Christmas Bulbs Bring Back Memories

Retro Christmas Bulbs Bring Back Memories

Here is a note we received today from Lisa, one of our customers:

I love Christmas lights but there is a special place in my heart for those old fashioned lights of my childhood. This year we decided to do the commercial grade vintage looking C9s on white wire. We bought the spool of wire, 500' and enough Gilberts to do the house, door and our large window. Super easy. My husband showed me how to cut the wire to length and create a plug using the Gilberts. Much easier than I would have thought. The white wire against the white trim looks great and the bulbs glow exactly as I remembered them. The bulbs themselves are much more sturdy than the old ceramic bulbs and every single one was undamaged and worked. The packaging was great and nothing broke. My cell phone does not take the best pictures but you can see how nice the white wire looks up against the white trim. So far, I am quite impressed.


Here are photos of her project:

Get This Look

Here is the materials list for this project:

Here are blog posts that will be handy for this project:

With a little grip strength, it's easy to install a gilbert plug and make custom cords. (I have been known to slide on the cover by pressing it down on a cabinet or outside step.)