Purple Mini Lights

Purple Mini Lights


Hi, this is Shellie out at Christmas Light Source. And isn't this a great color of purple?

Now, this is a sample of 50 mini lights, spaced two and a half inches apart, in the color purple. And, it's kind of hard to photograph. And I must say that, in person, even though these are looking very purplish, here in person, they do cast a bit of hot pink. That's just a side effect of any kind of purple Christmas light.

But this year, the dye lots vary from year to year. And this year, I think it came out a little bit more like grape jelly than normal.

Normally, purple Christmas lights are more like a Cabernet, sort of that pinkish purple.

And I just was so excited about these that I wanted to shoot a quick video to give you a good look at what these look like this year.

These are great for decorating for Mardi Gras. We're seeing a lot of people use purple lights all year long, in decor, or for birthday parties and events. TCU, sporting teams have team colors that you want to use to decorate, for when you have your friends over.