Peonies and Battery Lights

Peonies and Battery Lights

Filling a simple vase with marbles, paper shred, glass beads, and lights is a simple and easy way to add ambiance to any event or room of the house.


The battery lights. We first manufactured these lights to work in mason jars but have been lighting absolutely everything with them since they arrived.

Here we are showing them in warm white. These are perfect for adding light to wedding bouquets because the battery packs are so compact.

A simple vase.

For this project, we chose this antique vase in green with a silver overlay.

White battery fairy lights will become the filler for the vase.

Silk flowers, peonies are all the rage right now.

Wrap the Micro LED battery lights in the bouquet. Tucking them in between the flowers.

Place the battery pack to the battery fairy lights into the bottom of the vase and place your flowers in the vase. Adjust your light string as needed.

The finished look!

This arrangement softens an office.

In the living room, it creates an invitation to sit and unwind.