Mini Light Spacing Discussed

Mini Light Spacing Discussed

There are 3 standard spacings for mini lights. Choosing the best spacing is essential for a polished project and can be tricky. We hope a quick visual will help you decide.

Here are those three spacings:

Standard Christmas Light Spacing

A word about lengths of Christmas light strings: Christmas lights will vary in how tightly they are twisted during manufacture. Light sets can also become "untwisted" during unpacking and installation. As a result, total length and total lit length measurements can vary plus or minus a couple of inches.

2.5" spacing

Most "concentrated" highest ratio of lights to wiring.

Lit Lengths

  • 50 lights: 10' 2.5"
  • 100 lights: 20' 7.5"

Suggested Applications

  • Small Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands
  • Intense wrapping of larger trees
  • Replacing or installing lights on wireframes (yard art)
  • Trees and columns with diameters less than 6 inches around

4" spacing

Most commonly used spacing of Christmas lights. When in doubt, reach for this set.

Lit Lengths

  • 50 lights: 16.3'
  • 100 lights: 33'

Suggested Applications

  • Our go-to spacing for most interior decor projects
  • A great choice for a 7-9 foot Christmas trees
  • Most tree trunks and columns are wrapped well
  • Most city and commercial projects
  • Lighting ceilings
  • Creating backdrops

6" Spacing

Our choice for larger projects. Longer light strings per number of bulbs translate to more installation length per dollar.

Lit Lengths

  • 50 lights: 25'
  • 100 lights: 50'

Suggested Applications

  • Commercial installations where the distance covered is more important than the concentration of bulbs
  • Long banisters
  • Outlining rooflines
  • Wrapping magnificent older tree trunks
  • Lighting fencelines

Additional tips

Keep an eye on the maximum number of light sets that can be run in series. Glass strings can be run with a maximum of 500 bulbs per circuit run end to end. For example, no more than 10 strings of 50's in a row.

Order 10-15% more than a project's measured length to account for variations in length, swag (how much the lights hang between installation points), and wrap (how many times and how closely a branch or trunk is wrapped).

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