Mason Jar Crafts: Beach Wedding Centerpiece or Bar Cart Light

Mason Jar Crafts: Beach Wedding Centerpiece or Bar Cart Light

We love this quick and easy project made with items you probably already have in your home right at this moment.

Mason jars with seashells and lights make fantastic centerpieces at beach-themed wedding receptions, look great on dorm desks and shelves and make a lovely accent light for a powder room


  • Battery Operated Lights - we love either white or yellow battery fairy lights with their 100+ operating time for this project. For a party, a standard LED set will work fine with an 18-24 hour life on a set of 3 AA batteries. We suggest you choose white wire. A traditional incandescent battery light is an economical choice for a centerpiece when you have several tables to decorate - keep in mind that they'll last about 4-7 hours on 2 C batteries.
  • Mason Jar - for this project we used a vintage style teal jar
  • Bag of Pretty Seashells - readily available at a craft shop or a beach near you if you are so lucky


Load up battery light string with batteries and turn them on. Working with them lit up shows exactly where there are gaps to fill.

Gently pour the seashells over and around the lights stopping an inch or so shy of the top of the jar.

Use this project as part of a wedding centerpiece or impress your friends with this 2-minute project by setting it on a shelf, on your bar cart or on the bathroom counter.

(We love this bar cart.)

The jar.

The battery lights.

The shells.

For an event centerpiece, put the battery box (lights on) at the bottom of the jar. For a shelf or bar cart, leave the box out of the jar. (This is common sense, but I thought I'd point it out. Especially since I put this all together the first time and forgot to turn on the light.)

Add the shells while wishing you really were on the beach.


Add flowers and use rice paper shades and lights to round out the look of your room, reception or party.

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