Video: Minilights Unboxing

Video: Minilights Unboxing

Christmas Lights Unboxing Video Transcription

This is our first unboxing video at Christmas Light Source. I'm so excited. This is a string of our multicolored Christmas lights, traditional glass filament really the quintessential light string. All of our Christmas tree lights are shipped in these bags, which means that there it reduces waste, it's better for the environment. It's easier for us to pack them tightly and more securely to ship your lights. They're gonna come in these bags. Don't put them over your head or let or put them near babies. Please discard them as you go.

And then they're going to come wrapped like this, and see these little guys, you don't have to get your, you know, clips, you just simply do this and voila, you can un-hang your lights. Isn't that exciting? Now, as you install your lights, you might want to unwind them and then wrap them together like a ball of yarn like this. And I know that sounds kind of odd but it's gonna keep your lights tidy and organized and then as you put them on your tree you can unwind them around your hand.

Now, next to the plug on all of your lights, there's going to be a little package of fuses and replacement bulbs. Be sure and keep those so as soon as you see a light go out you can replace that, or if you plug in too many strings of Christmas lights, and the whole thing goes out, you know you've blown a fuse and then you can replace it easily.

Remember, don't run more than 10 strings of our 50s in series or 5 strings of our 100s. Never exceed 210 watts in a single run. So, that's basically what these lights are gonna look like when you take them out of the box. They're some of my favorites.