Lights for Parades Video

Lights for Parades Video


Hi, this is Shellie out at Christmas Light Source, and we've been fielding a lot of questions here about what lights are best to use for parades.

Well, I just wanted to shoot a quick video and let you know.

If you are on a huge float with a generator (or inverter), you know that you can use just about any kind of lights; C7, C9, mini lights, LED. You might take a hard look at the 12 volt LED lights, because those will use 90% less energy than more traditional incandescents, and they might be a good choice. You can use ten times as many for your float.

Now, for folks who just are possibly trying to accent their car or pickup, motorcycle, golf cart, something you might consider is a 12 volt LED light set with a car adaptor plug. We carry these out at Christmas Light Source, and I just wanted to show you really quick what they look like.

Each set has a 15 foot lead wire and car adaptor plug. And so that's basically a car adaptor plug. It's very familiar. And you have one of these with every set of lights, but if you want to run your lights in series, you can just put your extra adaptors aside. And each set of lights has a plug on each end, like you would just connect here. And then you would connect this plug into the next set. And they're rated at 0.1 amps per set, and so you should be able to run as many as you need for your project. That will all just depend on the battery that you're connecting to. So if you're planning to put a float or a trailer or car in an upcoming nighttime Christmas parade, keep in mind that you do have the option of white, multi, and warm white on green wire, 12 volt LED lights.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. If you have any more questions, keep them coming through the contact page at Thanks so much for stopping by, and Merry Christmas.