Lights create a lovely oasis

Outdoor Oasis with Lights

About a week ago, we received this letter from a customer with these comments and a photo of how he and his family are enjoying their lights.

Hello, Just a few thoughts on the recent purchase and installation of my patio lights.

First, I love the quality of light strings. Whenever possible I shop value. Price is important to me but not at the expense of quality. I hate to install something and have to throw it away a year later because it didn’t hold up. In my opinion, your lights meet my definition of value. A good product at a fair price.

Second, the above being said, I have a comment on the light bulbs I received.

I installed bulbs in the light string to test it out before I mounted the light string outdoors. Everything worked fine except that one bulb glowed much brighter than the rest of the string. When I tried to remove it, I cracked the globe away from the base with very little effort.No big deal I figured.

I mounted the string on my patio cover, screwed in the bulbs, flipped the switch, and found that I had two more bulbs that were much brighter! I replaced those two and everything is fine.

I’m telling you this just so you’re aware of my experience. At $0.30 apiece I’m not worried about the money. I like the way the bulbs seal against the edge of the socket. It seems like a good, weathertight connection. Maybe, I twisted the bulbs in a bit tight? Again not a big deal as I had extras.

Here’s the completed installation. My patio has a SW exposure so the light string will get plenty of AZ sunshine.

Here is the completed installation. We love how a simple project makes this space so cozy and ready for cookouts.

(Dave worked with the customer and helped him out with those burned out bulbs. The customer was super pleased. It could have been an issue during manufacturing or more likely rough treatment during shipment that affected their seals.)

Get the Look

We love the combination of heavy-duty cords with E26 bases for outdoor applications. These cords are commonly used in retail and amusement park applications making them a perfect choice for your backyard project.

How are you lighting your yard this summer? Share your photos in the comments below. We'd love to see them.