Get This Look: Warm White C9 LED Bulbs and Combo C Clips, Outlining a Restaurant Roofline

Panera Bread with Christmas Lights

Driving through shopping centers during the holidays, it's easy to see that lights along retail rooflines and trees wrapped with lights make magic.

This Panera Bread installation shows the impact of warm white LED light bulbs and a spool of C9 cord. We really appreciated receiving these customer photos showing a great look for our favorite soup and salad destination.

This project includes:

Tips for installation

  1. Combo C clips work with either C7 or C9 cords. Install them with nails, screws, or clear adhesive caulk. Install the cords and clips together or mark the distance between clips slightly less than 12 inches to allow ease in the wire and for minor variations in socket spacing.
  2. Pure white and multicolor bulbs are also great choices during the Christmas season. Be sure to match your choice to surrounding installations if you are planning a cohesive look.
  3. Cut sections of 18 AWG cord in sections no longer than 250 feet.
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