Light a Happy Owl (or any candle holder) with lights!

Light a Happy Owl (or any candle holder) with lights!

Decorating for Thanksgiving and celebrating the short-lived Texas Autumn, we lit up this little owl. Read on to see how having a string or two of battery lights in your decor stash can add an instant pop of flame-free goodness to a centerpiece or tablescape. (And makes a great gift, too!)


  • A novelty ceramic candle holder - you might have one handy. We purchased this happy little hooter at Hobby Lobby for 80% off in their post-Autumn closeout. This is my favorite time to shop for seasonal items. They'll work for a couple of weeks then be perfect in 11 months!
  • A set of battery lights - we chose a set of battery fairy lights for our first photo and replaced it with a warm white LED set to match the string of lights we used in our tablescape

Keep in mind this little guy with a string of battery lights would make a great gift - for a friend or a teacher.


Here's the owl from the front. He looks super in my '60's house but is pretty classic for any Autumn Decor.

From the back.

The fairy lights. These are white, yellow would be great as well.

The LED battery lights.

Fill the back of the owl with the battery lights and tuck the battery pack either into the owl or hide it behind the owl. Flip the switch. Project complete.

Lit with the fairy lights.

Lit with the warm white larger LED battery lights. Isn't he glamorous?

He makes a lovely part of this tablescape with a cheery blackboard and olive bucket.

Now, I'll enjoy a post-project cup of coffee.