Light a New Year's Photo Backdrop!

Light a New Year's Photo Backdrop!

Make everyone feel like a star this New Year's Eve with your own photo booth! Quick and easy to build, your guests will love it.


  • backdrop stand(s) or curtain line to support the photo booth
  • white sheet(s) for backdrop if wall behind photo booth isn't neutral or white
  • 2 sets curtain lights or several strings of led or incandescent lights
  • shower curtain hooks or s hooks that will fit
  • iridescent streamer curtain (or choose your favorite color) - from party store or big box retailer in the party area that's usually next to the greeting cards and wrapping paper
  • gold or accent-color ornaments
  • whimsical ornament hangers
  • white sheer curtains (optional)
  • photographic can lights (also optional), lamps work too!
  • clips


In our inspiration workshop, we had a great time setting up this photo booth backdrop sample to demonstrate how a couple sets of curtain lights or a few strings of Christmas lights can make a New Year's Eve party or an upcoming birthday party magical.

Requiring more equipment that our normal projects, you may have items on hand that will work as substitutes for some of our suggested materials or you may have to do some quick shopping.

Here's our workspace.

We use two photographic backdrop stands that were purchased for under $50 each online to hold the layers of decoration.

If you choose to create this look in front of a large window, multiple tension rods could hold the layers.


Back layer: Install a white sheet or white photographic background roll on a stand or curtain rod. If you have a neutral colored wall or preferably a white wall, you might skip this step.

A roll of photography background paper the width shown in this photo above costs under $50 and can be purchased at your local camera supply shop.

We've also made nice use of an IKEA white curtain with ties at the top making it easy to tie the curtain to the overhead support. If you are creating a super-dramatic photo booth, consider using a black background.

(We've already added this project to our list.)

Front layer:

Using hooks or shower curtain hooks hang 2 sets of curtain lights or run light strings "up and down" from the floor to top of the background.

We've set this up on a second backdrop stand positioned in front of all white. You could install this on a second tension rod or standard curtain rod if you are working in a doorway or window.

Using small plastic clothespins, we attached the iridescent streamer curtain to the top of the light strings fastening them as close to the top of the lights as possible and using enough clips to make the curtain straight.

We disguised the top of the photo booth and the sides of the backdrop stands with sheer white curtains.

Enhancing the front layer: Add a few ornaments with lovely hangers for texture.

Add the date! Pick up a mylar balloons banner at your local party supply shop. Secure it with clips.

We pulled our sheers in front of the entire project for this look.

Use lamps or can-lights (if you have them) to light your guests for their A-list moment.

Ask a friend to become the official event photographer and be sure to share the photos with each other and your Instagram accounts. (And we would love to see them as well Instagram: #christmaslightsource Facebook: @christmaslightsource)

What are your plans for New Year's Eve this year? We hope this project gives you the inspiration to create a photo backdrop for photos to remember the best party ever.