Jewel-toned containers are better with lights

Jewel-toned containers are better with lights

The second IKEA in the Dallas/Fort Worth area just opened and we braved lines around the building to scope out what new items were available for our type of projects.

We were not disappointed and will be featuring what we found in the next few posts.

First up, fantastic jewel-toned, round glass containers. So cute.


All recipes should have just two ingredients!

The lights. These are white and in "real life" they don't look quite so yellow. This is also a good time to use your red battery lights if they are handy.


The lights. Install batteries ensuring the flat side of the AA battery is installed against the spring in the battery box. Turn on the lights and unwrap them.

The boxes. We loved all the colors and the sizes are super-convenient. This set plus the battery lights would make a great gift for a dorm resident or hostess gift!

Put lights inside round boxes. If it's round is it still a "box"..... "the glass cylinder" just seems a little wordy.

Gratuitous shot of a simple project.

Installed on my guest bathroom counter. My plan is to leave them here until February.