How to change a fuse on Christmas lights

How to change a fuse on Christmas lights


This video answers the question, how do I change out a fuse in my Christmas lights? So, this is going to be our test case. This set of lights is a C6 LED light string. And this male plug has a fuse right here. And we're gonna show you how quick and easy it is to change it out. The first thing you'll need to do is just open the door.

So, grab a fat screwdriver like this one, and basically put it in these little notches. There are gonna be notches in your doors for your plugs and it can be tricky. And all of a sudden, you'll give it a good little push and open the door and that will reveal two little fuses. There we go. We're gonna focus on those.

After you've opened the door, grab your little skinny screwdriver and just reach in and pop that fuse right out like that. See how easy that is? It's quick and simple. Now, sometimes it requires a little patience, so after you pull them up, then you kind of pop the screwdriver down at their base and kind of squeeze them up. And did y'all see that? And I'll do it again because I have two of them. You'll notice there are contacts on both sides of the plug.

There are plugs, so don't be surprised that we'll just have one fuse required for operation. And then, the other fuse will be used for storage. So that's what these look like. So, you should have replacement fuses. And this set, the replacement fuses are taped to the female plug. And so you'd grab those, you'd open that little door back up, and then you'd take your two fuses, one at a time, put them into the fuse area, like shoes into a slipper, and they'll need a little coaxing to get back to where they came from. That's one. And then two little buggers, aren't they? Okay, there they go.

And then you just use your little screwdriver to make sure they are securely pushed down, making full contact with those little metal contacts inside of the plug. Then you close the little door and then grab your extension cord and plug them in. Voila. So, that is how quick and easy it is to change out the fuse on a set of Christmas lights. Hopefully, this helps you. And I'm Shellie at Christmas Light Source.