Video: How strong are magnetic Christmas light clips?

How strong are magnetic Christmas light clips?

We've had a few customers wonder if these magnetic Christmas light clips can really hold up in windy weather.

We had a great time last weekend shooting this video showing you just how well they hold up in gale force winds!

These clips are tailored to use only traditional 18 AWG wire C7 or C9 stringer wire.

They don't work with pre-wire LED light strings or mini lights - you can see from the photo that smaller gauge wiring wouldn't snug in and provide that tight hold that you look for in your Christmas lights installation.

You can find these magnetic clips at Christmas Light Source. Be sure to test any surface you want to use these clips on with a common magnet to make sure it will stick. There are so many surfaces that look like they will work but they aren't "ferrous".

Hope you enjoyed our video - we did have fun making it. This was our 10-year old's video debut. (He's holding the camera.)