Homecoming Mum Lights

Homecoming Mum Lights

If there is one thing we know in Texas, it's Homecoming.

The homecoming football game, the after-game dance, school alumni in town for the occassion, and if we're lucky, a great homecoming parade. Homecoming is one of the first signals that Fall has arrived, football season is truly kicked off and it should be a high of 75 degrees on a daily basis pretty soon. #texaswinter

Above all these things, there is one thing that will always be associated with homecoming.... the MUMS!!!

To complete the process of convincing the world that every home should have 5-10 sets of battery lights waiting for the next party light emergency, we're bringing you .....

Totally Lit Mums for Homecoming!

(Click here to read more about this Texas tradition!!)


  • an absolutely bodacious mum
  • 3-5 sets of battery lights based on size of mum and accessories

For the two projects featured here, we used pure white LED battery lights to blend with first the pure white mum and then the pure white and blue mum. Daisy based mums might be nicely accented with warm white.

Battery operated light strings are also available blue, yellow, and red. Check out those colors here.


Tuck the lights into the faux flowers, the feathers and the accessories. Hang the battery boxes down the back and secure with tape if you need to.

Turn on the lights as you install them to make sure the lights are evenly distributed.

Method 1: Hide the wire

Tuck the wire more!

Nestle the wire between, under and around the flower!

Cute battery boxes hiding out of view.

Wires are hidden. Glowing commences.

The final fantastic results! The total number of light sets used: FIVE!!

Method 2: Spiral the battery wires and make them part of the look of the mum

We spiraled the battery lights by winding them around a paper towel tube. Highly sophisticated. Sorry, we forgot to take a photo of this step. Please use your imagination.

Unlit, the lights don't detract from the overall mum decor.

The look of the mum before twilight.

The mum in all it's glory after sundown!

Before, unlit and lit! What a statement in the bleachers!

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