Glitter and Fairy Lights

Glitter and Fairy Lights

Throwing a party?

Need a quick project to decorate a bar cart or tablescape?

We love this easy project that will add sparkle to any party.


  • basic glass vase - smooth, linear sides work best for this project
  • glitter - choose a color that reflects your party or event colors
  • spray bottle with a fine mist filled with water
  • a set of battery lights - we like these white led battery fairy lights


The glitter. We love these big sprinkle jars and keep several colors on hand. Silver is basic and works great for weddings, New Years or to accent your entryway during winter.

Try pink. blue or green for a baby shower. Multicolor for a birthday.

The container. We love this vase and reach for it over and over.

Amazingly enough, a fine mist of water sprayed on the walls of a smooth vase like this one "glues" glitter to the sides of the container. You don't have to sacrifice a lovely container to glue and glitter.

A mason jar would be a great choice as well.

Spray water lightly on the inside walls of the container. Just a couple of sprays. Don't go crazy.

Battery lights. Put fresh batteries in your battery lights.

If there is an extra long lead wire on the battery lights, give it a quick, loose couple of wraps around the battery box and put the battery pack in the vase.

Cover the battery box with glitter. Be generous and cover it.

Tilt the vase and sprinkle glitter along the sides of the jar. The glitter will stick just fine to the walls.

Wind the lights into the jar. We chose willy-nilly for this project and enjoyed the results.

If you wanted a more permanent project, you could easily thin glue and apply it to the inner edges of your container. We did find that this project has remained looking like this (without the battery light) on the shelf for several weeks.

If you try this at home, please share your results. Send them to or post them on Instagram: #christmaslightsource #batterylights

We can't wait to see them!