Get This Look: Glass Multicolor C9 Bulbs and Cords to Wrap Trees

Get This Look: Wrapping Trees with Lights

We love this customer project. Using a 100-foot C9 cord and 100 traditional incandescent (glass) bulbs. The 12-inch spacing makes this combination a good fit for larger trees. Since the lights look equally well installed along a roofline, the dual-use makes planning the entire display simple and cohesive.

Not just for Christmas, this project is an inexpensive way to add magic to a wedding or backyard party.



  • Install bulbs in the cord and test before installation.
  • Do not run more than 100 feet of C9 incandescent bulbs in a single run. Use a splitter to divide lights into separate circuits. Be sure not to exceed 200 7-watt bulbs per common household breaker.
  • Carefully wind the cord around the tree. Choose the "spiral" of the isntallation either tigher or looser to be as subtle or over the top to match what you see in your mind's eye.
  • Plug the lights in and enjoy.


  1. Grab a piece of twine or thin rope and wind it around your tree to estimate how many feet of lights you'll need for each horizontal foot of tree.
  2. Add a little twinkle to the project by purchasing 25 C9 twinkle bulbs and randomly installing them into the string.
  3. The same projects works just as well with C9 LED bulbs.
  4. Always pick up an extra box or two when working with glass bulbs.
  5. Choose the length of the cord based on tree size and how much extra decorating planned.

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