Get This Look: Pure White LED Light Strings and Sculpture Clips, Our Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel

Ed from Crawford, TX sent us this photo of his beautiful angel project. Here is what he had to say:

Earlier this year I contacted you for help in securing lights and clips for our Christmas Angel. We had the angel for years but weather and time took their toll on not only the lights but on the frame. We would put the Angel out with a spot on it but it was just not the same. Had a friend that powder coated so took the frame to him and had him sandblast and powder coat it. It came out great. Then I decided to restring it with lights and gave you a call to discuss the how and choices. I bought the clips and VERY BRIGHT WHITE LED lights from you. Took me some time to tackle the project but got it done in late September. Put it out today and set it up. Went out to take a picture and was really blown away by how bright it was. Could not be happier.

I coulda done a better job of stringing it and I may just think about it after the season.

Thanks so much for your help and guidance.

Ed U.
Crawford, TX

To create this project, start with the products Ed selected.


Installation Tips

  • Measure and measure your frame again when ordering sculpture clips
  • Estimate bulb count to calculate how many light strings to order
  • Don't remove light strings until you are reading for installation. Then 'remove and install' at the same time to duplicate your yard sculpture's original light design/layout

Measure Your Frame

1. Find an adjustable wrench

2. Tighten the wrench down snugly on your metal sculpture frame.

3. Gently slide the wrench off the frame and measure the gap. This is the diameter of your frame and should match this clip.

4. Repeat this process over several parts of your frame. The wire may vary in diameter or if your frame is vintage and has been repeatedly painted, the diameter may vary enough that you'll need to use a combination of sizes of clips to install or repair the lights on your frame.

Here is a video showing how easy it is to replace lights on 3D yard art using sculpture clips.