Get This Look: Multicolor Minilights on Black Wire for a Black and Silver Tree

Get this look: Christmas Tree Lights

We love the wide variety of trees available each season. Finding the right lights can be tricky when a tree isn't green or white.

We love the black and silver tree in this Get This Look. Multicolor string lights on black wire are a good fit and traditional ornaments round out the design. (The rock candy ornament would be at risk at our house!)

Five sets of lights with 50 lights spaced 4 inches apart were used to light this tree.

Here is what Rachel had to say:

We have a black/silver tinsel tree. The pre-lit lights went out. Thank you for making these lights. You guys are literally the only company that makes black string multi-color lights. They look great and shipped fast.

Rachel from Grover Beach

Thanks, Rachel!

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