Get this Look: Warm White C9 LED Bulbs and Cords, Light a Church

Church Christmas Lights

We love a classic white outline. Warm white LED bulbs allow churches to light up for Christmas at a fraction of the electricity required by traditional glass C9 bulbs.

I have just installed these o-rings on the up-facing sockets. It rained before I installed them so the sockets had some water in them. The o-rings are easy to install and provide a tight fit around the bulb. I believe they will stop water from getting in the sockets

Joe K.


This project uses the following materials. Quantities will depend on project lengths and the spacing between bulbs. Consider adding about 10% to your measurements to account for variations in rooflines, unaccounted areas, and "swag" in the Christmas light cord.



Church Christmas Lights
Church Christmas Lights

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