Get This Look: Craft Lights and Wine Bottles

Get This Look: DIY Lighted Wine Bottles

We developed our craft lights to work specifically for applications like this. Filling bottles with lights is fun. These projects are also fun to purchase at craft fairs - let someone else drill the hole at the base of the bottle.

The customer who made the lovely projects above had this to say:

Great lights

These ten light strings give the perfect amount of light for my bottle projects. Especially like the longer lead length and long life of the bulbs.

Installation tips

Glass craft and mini lights strings give off heat during operation. Don't pack them into containers and don't cap the containers off. Heat buildup affects paint on the bulbs and shortens the lifespan of the strings.

Heat buildup also presents a hazard to surfaces.

For an intense look without the heat, consider choosing a set of lights that uses LED's instead of filaments to generate light. Shop for those in our LED craft lights collection.

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