Get This Look: C9 Pure White and Red C9 LED Bulbs and Cords in Wyoming!

Get This Look: C9 LED Bulbs and Cords in Wyoming!

We love this fantastic display that a Wyoming customer shared with us via Facebook this week. To get the part of the look that does not include the 3D yard art, here is a starting shopping list for you if you are planning a similar project.

This project uses a combination of pure white and red LED bulbs hung along both the garage and the roofline of the house. As you shop, measure your distances and estimate how many linear feet need lights.

The light cords in this project are white and the bulbs are spaced 12 inches apart.

To get this look, these are the product pages you'll need to shop in the following categories:


  • 4-6 100-foot SPT-1 Cords This project used white 100-foot cords. Measure your roofline from the ground and estimate the length of your peaks.
  • 400-600 C9 LED Bulbs The bulbs in this image are faceted pure white and red. Choose your favorite finish and colors. Pure white is an innovative color only produced by LED bulbs. They have an icy-white look and mix nicely with red, green, and blue.
  • 5-7 SPT-1 Gilbert (Vampire) Plugs Choose one of these plugs for every place it might be necessary to cut and then plug in a section of C9 cord.
  • 2-3 Inline Gilbert (Vampire Plugs) Handy to have on hand just in case they are needed
  • 400-600 Roofline clips Choose the clip that works best for your installation. The clips in this category are used by professional installers across the country. Choose one clip per bulb.
  • 75-150 Ridge Row Clips to light the peak of the roof.
  • Yard Stakes Choose one for every foot of driveway and sidewalk outlining.

Installation Tips

  • Traditional C9 cord like the 18 AWG cord referenced in the list above can be cut to fit your project. Consider adding gilbert plugs to your order, if your project design requires it.
  • Don't forget to choose installation clips instead of using a nail gun to install your lights. (We don't recommend this since it damages both trim and can cut/damage Christmas light cords.)
  • To make a robust Christmas light yard display, don't forget additions like:
    • Net lights for bushes
    • LED Christmas tree lights to match your outside lights with your indoor tree
    • Extra string lights to wrap tree trunks
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