Get this Look: C9 Warm White and C9 Red LED Bulbs with Warm White Light Strings

Get this Look: C9 Warm White and C9 Red LED Bulbs with Warm White Light Strings

We love this classic red and white look for Christmas. This project alternates red and white C9 LED bulbs one to one. To personalize this color scheme try combinations like 2 white to 2 red, 1 white to 2 red, etc. 

After outlining the house, the columns and wreaths are lit with 5mm warm white light strings. 

The only think we might add to this project would be extra LED bulbs and cord plus stakes to outline the sidewalk. Outlining the roof ridges would also ramp this disply up to an even higher level. 

You can easily go all white LED (either pure, warm, or natural) or this look would be a great fit for a traditional glass C9 bulb. 

Suggested Materials

Measure your home to confirm how many of each bulb you'll need. This count includes the windows. If you add the optional items below, be sure to adjust your bulbs count and cord length required as well. 

Optional Additional Materials

Adding these add-ons will increase the requirement for bulbs so keep track of how may extra you'll need. 

If you find that you need more than 400 feet of cord, it might be economical to consider purchasing a 500-foot spool of cord. Start at our general C9 cords page to see all the choices. 

Installation Tips

  • Don't run 18 AWG wire longer than 250 feet regardless of the type of bulb used. Keep an eye on total wattage if using incandescent bulbs and don't exceed 1000 watts per household breaker. 
  • Purchase a clip or stake for every bulb to ensure a sharp tight fit along the roofline and sidewalks. 
  • Install lights around windows with surface mount clips, painters tape or cup holders. 
  • Install the bulbs on the ground and test the sets before venturing up. 
  • Consider hiring an off season roofing company to install the lights if you are concerned about heights. 
  • Be sure to use ladders and scaffolding safely. 

 Here is a additional reading as you plan your project: